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Hurricanes can bring some of the worst destruction known to man. These incredible storms put millions of lives at stake every single year. But by properly preparing your home for a hurricane, you can help to limit the damage to your home and increase the protection of your family. Take a look at three simple ways to prepare your home for hurricane season:

Install Surge Protection

Power surges are one of the most dangerous factors of serious storms. These can occur instantly and can do great damage to your home electronics. To offer protection from these surges, it's very beneficial to install a surge protector for your electrical panel, and it's best to use power strips that come equipped with surge protectors.

Seal Windows & Doors

Another tip for preparing your home for hurricane season involves properly sealing your windows and doors. If your doors or windows aren’t sealed correctly, water can infiltrate your home, which could lead to mold growth and severe water damage. In addition, an improperly sealed home can really drive up those energy bills due to a lack of energy-efficiency.

Clean Out Gutters

In order to properly prepare your home for hurricane season, it’s always a good idea to clean out your gutters. These areas easily collect water during a storm if they aren’t cleared properly, which could lead to a collection of water around your home. As the water can accumulate at a rapid rate during a hurricane, this can easily lead to flooding in areas around your residence.

Hurricane Preparation is Key!

By paying attention to the tips mentioned above, you can ensure that you have a safe home and a safe family during hurricane season. These storms can bring a lot of destruction to anywhere in their path, but taking care of certain precautionary steps can lead to less damage and a safer hurricane season overall.